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About Us

ZuBe Technology.

Innovative designs for today's lifestyle.

Company Number 09002557. Registered Address: The Croft Forge, 16 High Street, Tetsworth, OX9 7AB, UK

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ZuBe Technology
The Croft Forge
16 High Street
Tetsworth, Oxfordshire, UK

Tel. (44) 7800 740 832

ZuBe Technology company history

2009: We commenced a joint development with a German client and a development company based in China to provide an OEM version of the video capture device now known as the ZuBe Grabber.
ZuBeTech estabished a partnership with CAPS Innovations (
www.capsinnov.com) to work on the design of solar energy products. ZuBeTech began designing a range of products for use with renewable energy sources. The first, an LED strip with magnetic or self-adhesive backing and will soon be available in an adapter to fit to laptop lids to illuminate the keyboard (run from the computer's USB power). 

2010: The ZuBeTech brand was officially launched and another joint development commenced, this product being a simple personal CCTV unit, small and light, powered by USB. The first in-house development, wholly owned by ZuBeTech, the Combo-Drive commenced and was completed in Q2 2011.

2011: Further developments of solar power and LED lighting products released in Q3/Q4 2011 and Q1 2012.


2012: A smart Retail Detacher was developed and is commercially available.


2013: We developed The Vamp Bluetooth audio amplifier on behalf of Paul Cocksedge Studio.


2014: We began developing SKP3, a 6,000mAh power bank with 560mA solar input as well as USB inputs, in partnership with CAPS Innovations.


2015: We designed a sequencing LED strip on behalf of Neon Group to be used in fashion accessories.

We are currently involved in projects developing consumer electronics for the sports and leisure industry.