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3.5" HDD storage case



 Contructed from anti-static PP material

 Stands upright on a bookshelf or...Utilise your discarded VHS video cassette rack

This durable case is made from anti-static PP material.

Stores a single 3.5 HDD to keep it clean and protected.

Especially useful for transporting your HDDs safely between office and home etc.


Can stand vertically on a shelf to save space and has been designed to fit perfectly

in your old, no longer used, VHS video storage racks.

2.5" HDD adapter



 Stores 2 x 2.5" HDD in one 3.5" HDD storage case

 Contructed from anti-static PP material

Designed to fit into the 3.5 HDD storage case.

Stores two 2.5 HDD to keep them clean and protected.

Made from the same anti-static PP material as the 3.5 HDD storage case.


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